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some people are about to get hairy

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Check out my sibling(‘s) blog!

I’m proud to announce that not long from now, my darling, baby-faced little brother Allan will be looking like an unkempt, homeless, ape-like child-molester/80’s porn star/washed-up-and-over-the-hill footballer.

That’s right, it’s ‘Movember’… the month where respectable, clean shaven metrosexuals across the globe risk their jobs and their social lives, by growing their facial hair in order to raise money and awareness for little talked about men’s health issues (such as prostate cancer and mental illness). Which I believe is a very honorable and gentlemanly thing to do… and we all know gentlemen are a dying breed these days.

Allan is a Movember veteran and ‘creative-shaving’ hobby artist, as well as an articulate, funny and all-round likeable bloke. As such, he’s been invited to blog about the experience… by a schmick looking fashion website. Ooh la la. (He always was the Derek Zoolander of the family…)

Anyway, you can check out his blog at
And to read more about Movember, or give away all your money to the cause, go to

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