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el mago de oz

This photo was taken by my friend Alanah, at a free concert in Segovia’s Plaza Mayor. The band is called El Mägo de Oz, they’re a veteran Spanish rock group (formed in the eighties) whose sound is reminiscent of Metallica, Jethro Tull, and The Corrs.  The plaza was absolutely packed, and the mood and the music, electric. I’d pay to see these guys again.

The event itself was part of ‘Las Fiestas’, a week of concerts and competitions in Segovia, to celebrate the feast days of San Juan and San Pedro. It’s nothing like an Andalusian feria – the majority of the recitals, pageants, and junior discus finals hold little interest for me – but it’s been very pleasant to attend the odd concert or two.

Last week there was also a dance spectacular in the Plaza del Azoguejo, which had nothing to do with Las Fiestas. We saw Flamenco, Contemporary Ballet, and Classical Ballet, all free, and staged in front of the stunningly lit up aqueduct.

I wonder what it’ll be tomorrow…

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