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(*well one of the dreams within the dream)

After 5 weeks of near-constant travel (in the company of my dearest darling Mumbo), and a week-long intensive English conversation program (in the company of about 45 strangers), last night I finally got home, safe and sound, to my little attic in Segovia.

It was so quiet.

It was so peaceful.

It was so stuffy, and dusty, and empty of the decadent, overly-rich restaurant food I’d almost become accustomed to.

It was so lovely to be back.

Twenty four hours, two grocery runs, one broom-induced blister, and four washing machine loads later, I’m finally relaxing in the bar nextdoor. I’ve sent umpteen emails, collected my plants (for better or for worse), and charged all my batteries (both literally and metaphorically speaking). Now, reflecting on the trip, I think the most profound conclusion I can draw at the moment is that in future, I will ALWAYS make the bed with fresh sheets before I leave to go on holidays.

Needless to say, I’ve come home financially lighter, yet physically heavier, and I’ve a fair bit of work do in order to ‘get stuff into shape again’. However, the detox that was I was going to begin today has been sneakily put off til Monday – because Monday is a nice square day for starting things (I’m not sure what shape Saturday is), and right now I need a coffee and/or alcohol hit so that I can contemplate the next few conundrums:

  1. How to summarise my recent trip in some kind of neat, interesting, bloggable format. I’ve uploaded the photos from the memory cards, if only uploading my memories was as simple
  2. How to organise my soon to be frantic class timetable, and cram in as many as possible of the sporting/social/educational/creative activities I resolved to do ‘when life goes back to normal’. Damn stupid resolutions.
  3. What to do about the Australian election – I really can’t be bothered going to Madrid, really don’t want to vote for any of the parties, but really believe in ‘exercising one’s democratic right’. (Talk about first world problems)
  4. What to do about the bit that comes after my next work contract finishes. Time is moving frighteningly fast and some inescapable decisions will soon need to be made… but not without a lot or research and consideration. (If you’ve got any pearls of wisdom regarding forks in the road – now would be a good time to share them with me!)

Hmm. All equally fascinating (ha!) and daunting dilemmas, but I’ll try to limit my public pondering to the first one.

Italy post and photos coming soon.

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