ciento volando

travel, stories, and other flights of fancy

about (english)

about me (jean)

I am… Who am I? (stares into puddle)

The essentials are so boring, and yet, essential.

Well I’m a Melbourne girl, at the ‘old’ end of my twenties, currently working as an English teacher in Spain. My ‘likes’ include travel, languages, reading, and just to be even more hopelessly predictable – chocolate and red wine. I also enjoy raiding other people’s music collections, trying to ‘verbify’ Spanish nouns, and looking out of windows (preferably en route to new and exciting destinations).

This blog was primarily created for friends and family (and anyone, everyone’s welcome!) to access my travel stories at their own discretion, rather than being bombed by thesis-length emails and bulky attachments. It will also be a showcase for any creative projects I get around to.

For more about where the blog is coming from, and where it might be going, check out the first post.

about the name ‘ciento volando’

The name comes from the Spanish proverb ‘más vale el pájaro en la mano, que ciento volando’, which directly translates to ‘better the bird in the hand, than a hundred flying’. There’s an equivalent saying in English, but it’s not quite as pretty.

I am, true to my name, a daydream believer, with a tendency to ignore the advice of this proverb. Which is why I’ve only used the second, contradictory, half of the phrase. With it’s reference to flight, salute to Spanish, and allusion to wanting the possibly impossible, I’m hoping that ciento volando will nicely convey the… I don’t know… vibe I wanted for the blog.

And I couldn’t think of anything I liked in English.

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