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beetroot, fig and walnut salad


  1. Make sure you’re not wearing a white t-shirt
  2. Chop up whole beetroots into chunks.
  3. Cut small figs into halves and/or big figs into quarters.
  4. Slice or tear jamon into strips.
  5. Bash up some walnuts
  6. Get a little bit of onion (any colour, let’s not discriminate), and slice it very finely
  7. Put everything except figs into a bowl.
  8. Mix or stir. Tossing is for tossers, and besides, it probably doesn’t work too well with beetroot.
  9. Tip into a rustic bowl/fine white serving platter/empty margarine tub, according to your decor. (Or just use whatever you mixed in – save the environment by doing less dishes!)
  10. Sprinkle with requesón.
  11. Delicately place figs on top, in a manner that appears random, but is actually a meticulously calculated execution of the finer principles of culinary aesthetics. (ie make them figs look pretty)
  12. Add a swirl of sticky balsamic dressing.
  13. Cracked pepper, if you must.
  14. Maybe some herbs. I didn’t think to add herbs, but there’s definitely scope here for modification/improvement. I’ve no idea what would be nice, if you do, leave your tips in the comments below!



JamonSpanish cured ham. I used the Serrano variety. Italian prosciutto, regular ham, grilled bacon, or any kind of flavoursome smoked meat would probably work just as well.

Requesóna mild, crumbly cheese. Kinda like ricotta, but kinda not. Feta would work well too I think.

Sticky balsamic dressing – my housemate has a bottle of pre-mixed raspberry balsamic sauce. It’s incredible. If I didn’t have that on hand, I would’ve used regular balsamic vinegar, honey, and a dash of olive oil.


3 thoughts on “beetroot, fig and walnut salad

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  2. Hey Jean! I finally got around to trying this for lunch today and it was delicious! Used a beautiful strawberry balsamic that has been sitting in the pantry looking for another use, and it definitely hit the spot. And I used prosciutto as well, which was kind of OK, but I suspect not as good as that beautiful Spanish jamon. I’ll be making it again though, thanks. :-)

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