ciento volando

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nutty haikus


the humble hero

of nutella, praline, and
frangelico fame

those white choc ‘cookies’

are stale, fail. this nut merits
my grandma’s muesli

the most versatile

of flavours, and adhesives.
what else can glue tongue?

It’s not that I don’t

like you… But you just fail to
inspire a haiku

toasty, salty, smooth

or spicy. the adjective
of exotic eyes

gelati is nice,

sure. but I like them raw, and
playing hard to get

oh brainy little

brain-i-ac… is your plan to
make me smart or fat?

(© jean, Segovia, Autumn 2012)

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2 thoughts on “nutty haikus

  1. Jean, I absolutely love your haikus. And your writing in general. And I’m totally trying that salad. (Sorry for the delayed comment – I’ve had your post sitting open in a tab in my browser for a week waiting for me to get around to reading it!) xo

    • Hi Bron! Don’t apologise! Thank you so much for taking the time to read everything. Your encouragement means a lot to me…I can feel the warm fuzziness/Brisbane sunshine all the way from over here :-)

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