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puppets please

Is it cheating to write a post about an event that I didn’t go to?

Probably. But I’m not going to write much, so it’s not a big cheat.

So what have I been doing?

Translating. Computering.

And what should have I been doing?

Getting outside in the sun, and seeing as much as possible of Titirimundi, Segovia’s annual puppet festival. (Click on that link for more info. There’s still a couple more days left of the program, just in case you’re very serendipitously in the area. Or want to mark it in your diary for next year.)

People have come to Segovia from all over the world, to see the puppets, marionettes (is there a distinction?), buskers, and curious machinated monsters. By people, I mean hordes of little children, and artsy adults. I long to join either group, and run around between exhibits, playing with balloon animals, with face paint dripping into my frozen yoghurt.

Instead, I’ve been stuck at home doing this horrible unnatural thing called ‘work’. Basically it involves hunching over a computer and not having fun or seeing puppets. The weird thing is, that with side effects like a crooked back, jelly legs, and blurred vision, I’m starting to look and walk like one. Move over, Quasimodo.